Recruiting for our CSGO Academy Team!

Tue 4th Jul 2017 - 12:01am : Gaming : Team

Do you think you are a good player? Are you tired of randoms and want to get a team? Well... This may be a great start for you because we are starting a new CSGO team you just need to be from Porto or near!

We are looking for players that have great skill but still have room to grow and get better! This is not only a group to play together it's a team and when the team gets its five player they will start practicing not only individual skills, like aim, spray control, movement, nades, etc. but also teamwork, sinergy and strategy.

We already have one player on the team and he is on the lookout for his new teammates, if you wanna join us and tryout for our Academy just add him on Steam and talk with him, play together and see if you have sinergy together!

CSGO Academy Steam Group

Moreiraaa (In charge of the Academy)

Click here if you wanna join! :D



André Fanico

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