We part away with our RL Roster!

Mon 1st Jan 2018 - 12:17pm : Gaming : Team : Roster Change

After a good performance by our Rocket League team on RLPT League (2nd Division), our players caught the atention of other national gaming organizations and because of that they have moved away from Equinox Gaming.

  • With the possibility of being part of the Pro League, our star player Masterlima joined Eyeshield Gaming a team that last season finished 2nd to last and had to take part in the playoffs to mantain the position in the Pro League;

  • Cyro joined a friend and started a new gaming organization Inkset Esports, djcb also joined him in this new team;

  • Marko is now a Free agent looking for a new team.


With the new year comes new adventures and challenges and we wish them good luck in this new adventures!

Never forget that you guys will allways be part of the #EQXFAMILY! Thank you for everything!



André Fanico

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