We are on RLPT League!

Sun 10th Sep 2017 - 9:48pm : Gaming : Tournaments

Last Sunday (September 10th) the Rocket League portuguese community, better known has RLPT (Rocket League Portugal), got together and organized the biggest Rocket League event ever made until today in Portugal, with more than 100 players in a total of 28 teams this promised to be a big tournament full of excitement and we had to be part of it! The tournament was organized to get teams for the 2nd edition of the Portuguese League, where teams like EGN, The Gnomies and FTW.Sapphire were already qualified. From the 28 teams only 13 could get into it, 5 for the 1st Division (RLPT Pro League) and 8 for the 2nd Division (Liga RLPT).

The tournament was divided in 2 parts:

  •    1st a Swiss-System: where winners play against winners and losers against loser in a point system. In this the Top 13 Teams go to the 2nd phase.
  •    2nd a Double-Elimination System: when a team loses on the Winners Bracket (Bo3) still gets a 2nd chance in the Losers Bracket (Bo1). 2 Losses and it's over!

Our RL team had the simple objective to at least get into the League and if possible play for the best place that we could get.

The Journey started with a win, but the road was full with difficult opponents and we ended the first part with 2 wins and 3 losses, meaning we got the 13th place, aren't we lucky! So, our objective was achieved and we got to the 2nd part, a Double-Elimination System against the best teams. At this stage we had a bad start and lost in a Bo3 against ShowTime (one of the strongest teams that got to the Pro League). In the Losers Bracket we won the first match against Force on Wheels but sadly we lost the 2nd match against NextToBe (Another strong team that got to the Pro League). Overall, we ended in 12th and for us it's a positive result, now we are in the RLPT League and we can fight for a place in the Pro League!

Next Saturday afternoon (September 16th at 6PM, Lisbon Time) we have our first official match in the League and we want you guys to support us, we promise to do our best! If you want, you can follow the matches in RLPT's stream!

Big thanks to RLPT for organizing such a great and well done event! Good job guys!



André Fanico