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Mon 24th Jul 2017 - 11:31pm : Gaming : Team

So... you think you are the best player on Rocket League and you are tired of playing only with randoms, losing game after game and it's geting frustating! >:( What can you do in that situation? I heard that getting a team is the best solution, so we, at Equinox Gaming,are now looking for great player to make a Rocket League team!

You need to have great skill if you wanna join us, we are looking for a team that can be competitive at a high level to compete is various tournaments, leagues, etc... And if you join us prepare yourself to comit to the team, practicing, getting better together and doing great things!

If you wanna join us and tryout for our RL Team just add FaRicS on Steam and talk with him!


EQX.Rocket League




André Fanico

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